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24.Oct, 2016 0

2012 Tarot Forecast

Aries Year 2012 will be a year of communication for the Aries they will need to communicate their ideas clearly and directly. The Aries should decide to implement clear communication as their new year resolution and they will get better result throughout the year. Assertiveness will lead them towards a…

24.Oct, 2016 0

3 of swords and Death Tarot Card

Swords are all about the element of Air. Air is the element which brings clarity but when adversely affected it can be mental unstability and sorrow. 3 of swords can be a harsh card in a reading. It comes up when one is expected to experience piercing pain, the pain…

24.Oct, 2016 0

Nine of Cups

Today we are going to explore Nine of cups. A very special card but hard to interpret in different spreads.¬†Nine of cups is illustrated with a man seated and surrounded by 9 cups on his sides. The cups are sign of emotion and when in a upright position they indicate…

24.Oct, 2016 0

Planetary combination to be a Tarot Card Reader.

Every person born on Earth is unique and special just like snowflakes. No two person have the same fingerprint we all are different. And in this uniqueness God has given us a unique and special blue print of life. Our vedic horoscope is our blue print. Very few people are…