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2012 Tarot Forecast

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2012 Tarot Forecast


Year 2012 will be a year of communication for the Aries they will need to communicate their ideas clearly and directly. The Aries should decide to implement clear communication as their new year resolution and they will get better result throughout the year. Assertiveness will lead them towards a focused goal of earning steady income coupled with stability in whichever career they are in. Career will definitely see a rising trend as long as they are focused on their goals.
Lucky Colours – Yellow and shades of yellow
Lucky Number – 1


2012 doesnt ring in happy bells for you. You will have to push harder and work harder this year. The proverbial energy of the bull as to be utilised to the maximum extend in 2012. The burdens of either relationship or career as to be bundled together and dragged along you can face considerable oppositions and this could leave you disappointed and hurt. But nevertheless remember that there is always light at the end of tunnel so keep going.
Lucky colour – Green
Lucky Number – 2,4


2012 says that its time to rest now. 2011 was quite hectic for you and stressful take a nap now, energise yourself and you will gather enough energy to celebrate and enjoy yourself throughout the rest of the year. Lot of workload will be coming your way in 2012. So during the first quarter rest and then last quarter you will have to exert your muscles.
Lucky Colour – Orange
Lucky Number – 2,4,6


Cancerian 2012 starts with a major decision for you, you will be at crossword with 2 choices. Either choose the devil or the soul. Once you take up the serious decision 2012 will flow easily for you and you will find that money bells ring your way. It may take you on a journey. A journey which will help you forget the hurt, trauma which you went through the journey will bring towards a calmer shore of new life and hope.
Lucky colour – Red
Lucky Number – 6


Leo 2012 brings in a interesting year for you. You will need to leave behind unwanted baggage in the first quarter of the year. Leave behind all the bad relationship, jobs which dont help you grow, leave behind the past and walk towards a better pasture and there towards the middle of the year around june, july you will come to a confident point where you will experience loneliness but yet a financial stability and emotional confidence. The year ending will bring in transformation on great levels you will see the end of lot of unwanted things and experience a new growth on all levels whether physical or emotional.
Lucky Colour – Black and white
Lucky Number – 8,9

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