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Nine of Cups

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Nine of Cups

Today we are going to explore Nine of cups. A very special card but hard to interpret in different spreads. Nine of cups is illustrated with a man seated and surrounded by 9 cups on his sides. The cups are sign of emotion and when in a upright position they indicate emotional happiness.


Unlike the 5 of cups card where they are lying down and spilling here they are upright and indicate happy times. In the 8 of cups card the man is seen walking away from the cups he is leaving behind his desires and emotions.

But in 9 of cups he embraces those emotions and gains happiness. It could indicate everything he longs for and desires. In a relationship reading if this card comes up it indicates happy times are ahead. There could be lot of mushy love and joyous moments. If during financial crisis this card turns up, expect the times to change and you could be doing better off.

9 of cups in career spread indicates a promotion, success and a raise. Everything is well set and expect a good period.

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